Joseph Ratzinger up to his old tricks

by Isaiah Webster III

File this under misguided.

Did you know that the availability of condoms actually makes the AIDS epidemic worse? You’re not alone — I didn’t either.

According to Joseph A. Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict XVI, “you can’t resolve (AIDS) with the distribution of condoms. On the contrary, it increases the problem.”

What else would we expect from a man who has allegedly never had sex?

The pontiff made these outrageous comments before leaving Rome for a tour of Africa, where the AIDS pandemic is crippling the population.

Prior to his election as pope, Ratzinger led the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, where he further defined the church’s policies to exclude and pass judgment on “homosexuality” even more than it had previously. While no pope is a fan of the gays, Ratzinger has gone out of his way to make his disgust known.

The Roman Catholic Church has long held that artificial contraception is against its teachings. But how can the pope, of all people, not see the greater good in promoting condoms in a third-world country where people are suffering and dying? The preservation of life should outweigh the church’s teachings about procreation.

Sex within the confines of marriage and only for the purposes of producing offspring is ridiculously dated; even the pope must acknowledge this. And even if he does not agree with the use of condoms, it is just silly for him to suggest that using them would make the spread of HIV worse. Aside from being foolish, that’s just factually inaccurate.