I’m so sick of this woman!

by Isaiah Webster III

Why won’t she just go away? That’s what comes to mind every time I see or read about Caroline Kennedy. Unfortunately, this endlessly privileged woman just does not know how to keep her head down.

In the last few weeks, Caroline has been making the rounds in New York with her political adviser. To the trained eye, it appears that Caroline is running for something, though what she wants remains a mystery.

Caroline ripped her panties with me during last year’s Democratic presidential campaign when she endorsed Barack Obama over Hillary Rodham Clinton. Not only had Hillary been a long-time friend of the Kennedys and Caroline’s mother, Jackie, but she also possessed a stellar record of fighting for all the issues that Caroline supposedly cares about. In her endorsement of Barack Obama, Caroline said that it was time to look forward and renew America’s promise by choosing someone who was “fresh” and “new.” In an op-ed in The New York Times, Caroline said that Barack Obama reminded her of her father and everything he represented. Not to be out done, uncle Ted also endorsed Barack Obama, saying it was time for a “new generation of leadership.”

Well that’s rich. A bunch of Kennedys telling us about new, fresh leadership? That’s like Satan scolding us for stealing candy. These people have no leg to stand on when it comes to “new” or “fresh” anything. The Kennedys are synonymous with American politics, and it seems like they are against all political dynasties except their own!

After she endorsed him, Obama named Caroline to his vice presidential vetting committee — a position she used to ensure that Hillary was not named to the Democratic ticket. And to add insult to injury, Caroline had the temerity to actually lobby New York Gov. David Paterson for Hillary’s Senate seat after she was named secretary of state. Caroline’s efforts to succeed Hillary were so awful that she became a laughing stock in New York. But more to the point, how in the hell did this woman think she was even qualified to be a United States senator? She has never been elected to anything! If her father wasn’t JFK and her uncle Ted Kennedy, we wouldn’t know or care anything about this woman, because she has done so little in the way of self accomplishment. But as the last surviving member of Camelot, Caroline feels she is entitled to whatever she wants — and it’s disgusting.

Rumor has it that Caroline still has dreams of some lofty elective office, perhaps even her uncle’s Senate seat, as reported by Vanity Fair. Other chatter has it that she wants some high profile ambassadorship, like to the Vatican. (The Vatican is opposed to such an appointment because of Caroline’s position on abortion.)

Since she is extremely close to President Obama and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, she could probably have whatever plush (read devoid of any actual work) job she wants, but I think she needs to just go away.

Caroline has lived most of her life with no apparent interest in politics, and I liked her a lot better back then. She could use her fame to draw attention to some very important causes around the globe. But she should not use her father’s memory to promote her own political agenda. If you love Barack Obama so much, then just say that. Don’t go around saying it’s because he reminds you of your father and because you favor such fresh and new leadership. If that were actually true, she would encourage her sick uncle to actually leave the Senate so that some “new and fresh” leader could take his place.

But the more I think about it, I think I’d just rather see Caroline Kennedy go away permanently.

(I’ve attached a YouTube clip of Caroline during her “campaign” to succeed Hillary in the Senate. It is taken from her infamous interview with The New York Times. It speaks for itself. Enjoy.)