What in gay hell is wrong with Elton John?

by Isaiah Webster III

There is mounting evidence that Sir Elton John is seriously losing it. When I first heard reports that Elton had performed at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding over the weekend, I just assumed that the reports were false. Surely, Elton John wouldn’t agree to perform for a bigot like Rush Limbaugh! Well, you can imagine my disgust when I learned this morning that, in fact, Elton did perform for Limbaugh, and his fourth wife, Kathryn Rogers (pictured). Elton got $1 million for his efforts.

The question is why would Elton perform for a homophobe like Rush Limbaugh at any price? Limbaugh has an audience of millions, and he uses his platform to routinely bash gay people! So the fact that a famous gay man performs at his wedding is quite rich.

Of course Elton John prides himself on doing foolish things, like belittling Madonna or performing with Eminem. But this stint takes the cake. It is unforgivable that Elton John would dignify Rush Limbaugh by performing at his wedding. My guess is that Elton John considers himself such a diva that he owes no one any any explanation for things such as this. And to some degree that’s true. But it’s also true that we should not idolize any famous gay person who insists on fraternizing with bigots who make a living bashing us. And Elton’s behavior is even more disgusting when you consider that he accepted money for his performance. That’s money that Rush Limbaugh earned bashing us! It’s outrageous.

I’m through with Elton John. Any friend of Rush Limbaugh is no friend of mine.