There’s only one “Mahogany”

by Isaiah Webster III

File this under bad ideas. According to BET, a remake of “Mahogany” is in the works, and producers are already looking for an actress to play the iconic role of Tracy.

Diana Ross was nominated for an Academy Award for her portrayal of Tracy in the 1975 original. The film is about an ambitious Black woman from Chicago who dreams of becoming a fashion designer. The original film, directed by Berry Gordy, is highly regarded for its use of a Black actress in a well-developed and dramatic leading role.

I’m still stunned that people actually believe that remaking iconic films is a good idea. Just in the last year we’ve seen remakes turn out awful: “Sparkle” and “Steel Magnolias” were so bad that you wonder why studio executives didn’t see the train wrecks coming.

As I’ve said many times, this smacks of lazy film-making. Instead of developing new characters and new compelling stories, producers are looking for the fast buck by simply re-visiting works that truly can not be improved upon. What are the odds of a “Mahogany” remake doing the original film justice? Zero. Diana Ross is Tracy; it’s an iconic role that defined her acting career. Leave it alone!