Would a Republican-led Senate be the worst thing ever?

by Isaiah Webster III

ImageThe Democrats are running scared — afraid that the Republicans will take control of the Senate in the November mid-term elections. Since they already control the House, taking control of the Senate would give the GOP complete control of Congress. Conventional wisdom says this would be a horrible outcome for Democrats and for President Obama’s agenda. But how, exactly?

As it stands now, the Republican-controlled House has blocked progress on every legislative front. The lower chamber has refused to even consider immigration reform, increasing the minimum wage, or a variety of other issues that the president has prioritized. This Congress is already on track to be the least productive in the history of Congresses. I can’t see how a small majority for Republicans in the Senate would make matters any worse. President Obama would still veto any legislation that displeases him, and the GOP would not have majorities big enough to override his veto. So, in essence, we’d be right back where we are now — with gridlock and bickering.

Some people fear that a Republican Senate would refuse to confirm any more Obama judicial appointments. That’s probably true. That’s also why Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has relaxed filibuster rules to confirm as many appointees as possible this year. He knows that he might be in the minority next year, so it’s confirm judges now or accomplish nothing at all since the GOP isn’t cooperative. Harry Reid made the right decision to use his power while he still has it.

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) recently told Fox News that if Americans want to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, that they should make him majority leader. Mitch McConnell (pictured) is a liar. He surely knows that President Obama will never sign any law that would repeal his signature achievement. The health reform law couldn’t be repealed until January 2017 at the earliest — and that assumes the Republicans are able to win the presidency. According to every poll, Hillary Clinton looks like the most likely next president. And if she does become president, she won’t sign any bills to repeal the law either.

I think 2014 is a wash for the Democrats, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Democrats should be focusing on 2016, and picking the best possible candidates to ride Hillary’s coattails. Assuming Hillary Clinton does win the presidency, a Democratic Congress would be a great asset to her. The time between now and January 2017 looks like a bunch of wasted time. Why not let the GOP take control, then take great pleasure in watching their inability to govern?