The death of Fred Phelps is worth celebrating

by Isaiah Webster III

PHELPSFred Phelps is dead! He was 84. It wasn’t just that Phelps hated gay people, but he went out of his way to bother, antagonize and hurt gay people. He did the same thing to straight people who didn’t share his hate for gays. He and his church, Westboro Baptist, made a name for themselves by picketing the funerals of gay people, soldiers and almost anyone who was decent and good-spirited. They picketed the funeral of Matthew Shepherd, a man who was killed in a hate crime in Wyoming. Generally, but now always, their moniker of choice was “God Hates Fags.”

Today I’ve noticed that some gays are calling for restraint upon hearing the news of Phelps’ death. Their argument: We should strive to be better than him, and not use his death as an opportunity to be gleeful. It’s a modern day version of “turning the other cheek.”

I find it truly reassuring that there are people in this world who are more forgiving than I am. It gives me hope.

As for myself, I’m very happy to see that Fred Phelps is dead. To say that I’m gleeful would be an understatement; I’m over the moon! When evil leaves the world, I see this as cause for celebration. After all, we’re talking about a man who didn’t even have enough decency to allow his fellow man to rest in peace. I won’t be picketing his funeral, but I’m very glad he’s dead. I think I’ll celebrate with a stiff drink, and lots of butt sex!