Predictable snag with leads to more faux outrage

by Isaiah Webster III


I hate stupid people.

Today is the final day of open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act, and has gone offline twice because its been overwhelmed by users. As many as a million people may have been using the site at any given time in the last 24 hours. Once the site went down, the predictable criticisms began immediately. For a website that’s had so many problems, it’s stupid to expect the system would not become overwhelmed by the shear volume of people on it today.

But there’s even more stupidity. Given all the issues that has experienced, why would anyone wait until the very last day to sign up online? And why would said person have any expectation that everything would run smoothly? Keep in mind, open enrollment has been going on for five months; and for a large portions of that time, the prevailing narrative has been the poor functionality of the website. Only a stupid person would expect not to encounter problems in this last, mad dash to the finish line.

The bottom line: Spare me the faux outrage about the website being down for a brief period today. People complaining are those who are opposed to the law anyway. These are people who look for any reason to complain about the ACA. These folks have been bitching about this law for 4 years, and even though it’s here to stay, they keep dreaming that it will be repealed. You guessed it — they’re stupid, too.