Hillary’s historic achievement that no one is talking about

by Isaiah Webster III


Earlier today, Hillary Rodham Clinton cemented her place in American history, when she became the first woman to win the Iowa presidential caucus. In 2008, Clinton became the first woman to ever win a presidential primary, when she came from behind to defeat Barack Obama in New Hampshire.

While the chattering class continues to debate coin flips and margins of victory, Clinton’s historic achievement has almost gone completely unmentioned in the press. That’s a shame. And the reason it’s a shame has nothing to do with Clinton herself.

It’s a sad commentary that it took America until 2016 for a woman to win the Iowa caucuses. In fact, most people are stunned to learn that Clinton is the first woman to win in Iowa and New Hampshire. In the span of just 8 years, one woman has embodied the entire achievement of women in elective presidential politics. When you consider that our country is mostly women, and that the electorate is mostly women, it’s truly stunning that so few females have experienced electoral success.

It’s important to remember: Not only has no woman ever won the presidency; no woman has ever even come close.

The fact that it took this long to reach this achievement is an indictment on us all. The fact that media is ignoring this achievement is a slap in the face to all American women.