The amazing hotness of Rob Delaney

by Isaiah Webster III

I hardly watch any scripted TV shows. And I’ve been (rightly) accused of being ignorant of pop culture outside of NFL football, tennis, and the intersection of politics and mainstream news. Having said that, it’s quite possible that comedian Rob Delaney is an international sex symbol and I just missed it. But, I recently discovered his hotness, and wow, it is everything.

First things first. The comedian Rob Delaney is not to be confused with the baseball player by the same name. Secondly, Delaney has been massively promoting a TV show called “Catastrophe,” which is entering its second season. The promos for this show is how I noticed him — in Entertainment Weekly and on Slate.

Rob Delaney, 39, is tall, dark-haired, and screams sex. He isn’t clean-shaven or buttoned-up or overly polished like so many “sexy guys.” Rather, he looks like the random hot guy you might pass walking down the street. The one your thoughts can’t quite give up — even hours later. His perfectly-lustful hairy chest deserves its own Twitter account. And judging by what I’ve read about him, he seems like a funny, unassuming guy.

I find it completely random how pop culture deems some guys “sex symbols.” Delaney hasn’t appeared on the cover People’s Sexist Man Alive magazine (yet) — but he’s way hotter than many of the cover boys. Here’s to my fervent hope that Delaney is the next big thing.