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Why does Bernie Sanders keep disrespecting President Obama?


As his “political revolution” rolls along, Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to disrespect President Obama. Unfortunately, this is not a new theme for the democratic socialist. Keep in mind, in 2011, Sanders revealed that he thought Obama should face a primary challenger prior to his re-election.

Just today, Politico ran an alarming story, “Bernie Sanders questions Obama’s leadership.” And on CNN, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed pointed out how “dismissive” Sanders has been of the president’s record.


Time and time again, Sanders rails against the “Democratic establishment,” but it’s important to remember that the Democratic establishment currently controls the White House. And every time Sanders paints with his broad brush, he dismisses the accomplishments of the 44th president — a Democratic president.

The president’s accomplishments are too many to list: the Affordable Care Act, the rescuing of the automobile industry, the killing of Osama bin Laden, the immigration executive action, etc. And when you consider the level of Republican obstruction and racism that Obama has faced, the president’s successes are even more stunning.

Bernie Sanders never bothered to join the Democratic Party. He has never raised money for the Democratic Party. He has rarely even lifted a finger to help elect Democrats. And now, he dismisses President Obama’s achievements. Why would Democrats want such a person as its standard-bearer in 2016?

Uninsured rate drops 4.2% under “Obamacare”


The U.S. Congress, now fully controlled by the Republican Party, began its 114th session yesterday. And despite the historic success of the Affordable Care Act, the majority will begin anew with attempts to gut, and even repeal the law. Indisputable facts are the best weapons against Republican attempts to claim that the ACA isn’t working as intended. Gallup reports that the uninsured rate is down 4.2% since the president signed the ACA into law. And this success is happening despite the fact that many conservative states are still refusing to expand Medicaid.