America’s inaction on guns reveal immoral society

thoughts and prayers

The United States is on pace to set a new record for school shootings. The shooting today at Santa Fe High School in Texas was the 22nd school shooting of 2018 — a higher number than at this same point in 2017. We are averaging roughly one school shooting per week, and with 29 weeks remaining in the year, the nation could easily exceed 50 school shooting for the year at this current pace. (There were 48 school shootings that resulted in at least one death in 2017.)

Given America’s gun culture and the sheer volume of weapons readily available to anyone who wants one, mass shootings aren’t particularly surprising. In fact, given the pervasiveness of guns, it would be surprising if there weren’t multiple school shootings each year.

What’s surprising is that our governmental leaders continue to do nothing in response to this gun violence. And more important, the citizenry as a whole are not demanding that their elected leaders do more to prevent or reduce school shootings. This lack of action is stunning. It’s one thing to enact ineffective or unpopular gun control measures; it’s other matter entirely to do absolutely nothing at all.

Such inaction in the face of hundreds of innocent children gunned down in their schools reveals a society that is immoral. We have placed the right the bear arms above the safety and security of the most innocent among us. Not even the lives of our children is enough to move us to action. We are all to blame for this.