The pathetic Wall Street Journal

Unlike some other sites, I’ve made a conscious decision not to out or comment on queer people who have chosen to stay in the closet. I’m an old-fashioned queen; I believe that coming out is personal and the decision to live openly and honestly should be left to each person to decide for themselves.

Perhaps this is a standard that The Wall Street Journal should consider adopting.

In an editorial the conservative newspaper referred to Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (pictured) as “the Republican Barney Frank.” Congressman Frank is a well-known queer icon as the first openly-gay man elected to the House of Representatives. Gov. Crist has been married to a woman for less than a year and he has long been rumored to be gay. He is running for the U.S. Senate next year and he was even considered by John McCain for the Republican vice presidential nomination last year.

The Journal, which is owned by Dow Jones, claims that in comparing Crist to Frank it was simply referring to the fact that both men share moderate positions on economic policies. But to anyone who didn’t fall off the turnip truck this morning, the reference is clearly a veiled outing of Gov. Crist — or at least the suggestion that he is gay. Every member of the Journal’s editorial board has a computer, so certainly they knew about the wide-spread rumors about Crist’s sexuality. And their point about his centrist views could have just as easily been made by comparing him to any number of centrist politicians.

You might be wondering why the conservative The Wall Street Journal would do anything to harm the political future of a Republican? Answer: There are two Republicans running for the GOP Senate nomination in Florida with Gov. Crist being the more moderate candidate. The other candidate is much more conservative — just like the Journal editorial page. As disgusting as that scenario sounds, I’m of the mind that it’s highly probable.

The Wall Street Journal should be ashamed of itself. Trading in gossip and innuendo is beneath any serious news publication. Perhaps the Journal is no longer a distinguished newspaper at all. If the publishers had any decency they would apology to Gov. Crist and reprimand their foolish editors.